Roles and permissions for recipients of shared items

Recipients of shared items, which can be either folder(s) or individual items, can have four possible permissions. This article explains the each of the permissions.  


The person who originally creates a share is an owner of the share. Only users of Password Boss Business can designate other recipients to be owners of a share. When adding someone else as an owner of a share keep in mind the following items:

  1. Owners must all be in the same Password Boss Business account. Adding owners outside of your business account is not allowed.
  2. Granting someone owner permissions gives the new owner full control over the shared items
  3. Any owner can remove any other owner from a shared item.  This means that if you make someone an owner of an item they can remove your access to the shared items.
  4. Only owners can add or remove recipients from shares.
  5. Only owners can change the permissions for recipients of the shared items.
  6. An owner can create a new share with any items that they received as as an owner.
  7. When a share is cancelled all owners of the shared items will retain copies of the shared items.


  • Can change the contents of a shared item. For example updating a password on a shared item.
  • Can view all fields on all shared items

Read only - password visible

  • Can view all fields on all shared items

Read only - password not visible

  • Can view all fields on all shared items except for password fields
Important note on "Read only password not visible"

"Read only - password not visible" does not block the recipient from accessing the password. This permissions blocks the recipient from accessing the password in the Password Boss application. Once the password is entered into a website Password Boss can no longer prevent a user from retrieving the password directly from the webpage.

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