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Welcome to Password Boss!

You are only a few steps away from never having to worry about passwords again.  Follow the steps and you will be up and running quickly.

Install the app

Yep, you need to install the app first. Pick one of your devices to install first and get your account setup and then you can install the app on your other devices.

Create your account

Enter your email address and choose a Master Password and your account will be created and the app will open.

Accounts that are created on a PC will automatically import any passwords stored in your browsers. When the app opens you should see a screen similar to this. 


If no passwords were imported from your browser, or if you created your account on a phone or tablet you will see the Setup Wizard.  Click or tap each section to explore the app.


Add your passwords and notes

Password Boss is where you store passwords and everything else you don't want to forget. You can save everything from Wi-Fi logins, member IDs, credit cards, insurance information, alarm codes, plus more.

  • There are 28 different templates to make it easy to get started.

Just tap the add item buttons add_item_green.png or add_item.png to start saving your items.


Open your browser (desktop)

  • When you open your browser you will see a prompt to install the Password Boss browser button. Confirm the install and you will see an owl next to the address bar.
  • Click the owl and you will see all of your passwords.
  • Click the icons on the left side to see all of your saved items and to access the password generator.


Login to a Website

  1. Go to the login page for one of your favorite websites.
  2. Click the owl in the login field and choose your saved password or click the option to save a new password into Password Boss.



Try Auto-Fill

Auto-fill is an amazing time saver and it can fill in an entire form on a website with a single click. Auto-fill will fill in the information you store in the Personal Info and Digital Wallet sections of Password Boss.

  1. Go the the Personal Info section of Password Boss and add you name, address, phone number, credit card, etc.
  2. Now go to a website where you would normally have to type in the details, like a checkout form.  
  3. Click the owl in one of the fields and you can fill in the fields automatically.



Share something with someone

Anything you save in Password Boss can be shared with anyone else. For example you can share a website password with your coworkers or a credit card with your spouse.  

Anything you share is encrypted and only you and the recipient have access to the items.

Step-by-step instructions are here


Step-by-step Guides

Creating your account

Saving new passwords

Adding notes, IDs and digital records

Auto-fill on steroids - using Identities 

Getting organized with folders

Sharing items with other people

Setting up Emergency Access

Enabling 2-Factor Authentication

Have Questions?

  • Wondering how to do something?
  • Got stuck during setup and need to know what to do?
  • Want some ideas on how to organize your items?
  • Found a website that's not working with Password Boss?
  • Just want to chat ;-)

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