Password Boss Portal

The Password Boss Portal is where you manage your account, manage the devices on your account and see your subscription.  If you forget your Master Password the Portal is also where you go to recover your account.


When you login to the Portal use the same email address as your Password Boss app account uses.


Your Password Boss Portal password is different from the password used to login to the Password Boss app.

Creating a Portal Password

  1. Go to the Password Boss Portal.
  2. Click on the Register Account link. 
  3. Enter the email address used for your Password Boss app account.
  4. A verification email will be sent to you. Click on the link in the email.
  5. On the web page that opens choose enter the password you want to use for Portal access.
  6. After saving your Portal password, the portal site will open.

Portal - Home Tab

Account Summary

  • Shows all of the details on your account and the status on your subscription.
  • The buttons in the middle of the Portal can be used to download the Password Boss app on any of your devices.
  • The users on your account are shown in the table on the bottom.

Users with a multi-device subscription will see options to add users to their account.

 Adding users to your account

  1. Select the Add Users button.
  2. enter the email address for the new user.
  3. An email invitation will be sent to the user with a link they need to click to confirm the invitation.
  4. The new user then needs to download and install the Password Boss app and create their account.

When the new user creates their account they need to use the same email address that the invitation was sent to.

Portal - My Devices Tab 

  • Shows all of the devices on your account.
  • If you are no longer using a device, or it is lost or stolen, you can remove the device from your account. If the device comes back online your Password Boss data will be removed from the device automatically. Use the Action button to delete devices.
  • If your subscription has a limit on the number of devices you can add to your account you will see all current and previous devices for your account.

If your subscription has a limit on the number of devices you can add, all current and inactive devices are counted towards your total.

Portal - My Account Tab

  • You can update your name and mobile number. Your mobile number is used when you setup 2-step verification to send you one-time recovery codes if needed.
  • On this screen you can also update your Portal password.  
  • If you need to completely delete your account it is done from here as well.  

Changing your Portal password does NOT change the password used in the Password Boss app - the passwords are different.

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