Items you can save in Password Boss

You can store your entire digital life in one secure location with Password Boss life. Users typically see the biggest benefits from using Password Boss after they gather all of their digital records together, from all of the other places they are stored now, and store them in one secure location in their Password Boss account. 


Everything that you save in Password Boss is protected with bank-grade security and can only be accessed with your Master Password.

You can install Password Boss on all of your devices so that you can easily access your information when and where you need it.


All of your passwords to websites, apps, email—anything that requires a password.


Digital Wallet

Credit card and bank accounts go here.


Personal Info

Information you that is useful for completing online forms—includes name, address, and email address.


Secure Notes

This general-purpose category is good for all other items that can be found across your digital life, such as frequent flyer numbers, insurance details, and member IDs.



Identities contains a collection of personal information. Use an identity to complete a web form with a single click, saving you time and improving consistency.



An identity can be a combination of Personal Info and Digital Wallet items. For example, you can create an identity that contains your work details (Alex @ Work) and another distinct identity that contains all of your personal details (Alex @ Home). Much of the information in these identities may be different, such as the elements of the address. When you access a web form or a shopping cart, you can choose which identity best corresponds to that form.


Follow these instructions to create an Identity.

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