What is an Identity?

An identity is a way to group together your personal information stored in Password Boss to allow you to quickly fill in forms on websites. An Identity can include your Name, Address, Phone, Email Address, Company Name and Credit Card.

You can make as many identities as you need.  Common uses are to make one Identity with your personal information and one Identity with your work information.


How to use Identities


If you have not created an identity yet follow this link to create an identity.

After you create an Identity, when you click on a field on a website that needs to be filled in with information stored in your Identity you will see a screen like the ones below. from the list of Identities select the Identity you wan to use to fill in the website.


On forms that need both personal information and username and password details, you have to complete the form in 2 steps. One step to fill in the personal information and one step to fill in the username and password.






Understanding Identities

dentities are a great way to quickly fill in forms on websites. An identity is ideal for situations in which you can group items together that you would typically fill out on a single web page. For example you name, hoe address and personal credit card could be in your Personal Identity. you could make an Identity with your work details as well.

Form filling with Identities

When you are on a web page and have selected an Identity to fill in the fields on the web page, all of the fields on the page that can be filled in with the information in your Identity will be filled in when you select the Identity from the first field you click in.

If there are other fields on the form that do not match the information stored in the selected Identity, you can click into each field and use the auto-fill feature in Password Boss to to fill each field.


Identities are meant to store information about you, or other people for whom you need to complete online forms. Identities are not meant to be a replacement for a list of personal contacts.

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