Emergency Access overview

Emergency Access allows you to pre-designate someone who can access your account in the event of an emergency when you are not able to access your account yourself.

You can invite one person or multiple people to have emergency access to your account.  You can also choose if your emergency contacts have access to your entire account, or just selected items.

How emergency access works


Choose your emergency contacts carefully, they will have full access to whatever you select.

  1. Both you and your emergency contact need to have a Password Boss account. If your emergency contact does not have an account we will help them make one.
  2. Choose if your emergency contact will have access to your entire account or just selected items.
  3. Specify a waiting period if you like.  This is how long your emergency contact has to wait before access to your account is active.
  4. Once you invite your emergency contact they will receive an email invitation that they can either accept or decline.
  5. Once your invitation is accepted the setup is complete
  6. You can view your emergency contacts in the Emergency section of Password Boss.

Requesting access 

This is the process an emergency contact will use to request access to your account.

  1. In Password Boss, in the Emergency section, the emergency contact requests access.
  2. The person who invited the emergency contact will receive an email notification regarding the access request.
  3. If there is a waiting period setup by the account owner access to the owner's account will be available after the timer expires.
  4. If there is not a waiting period then access will be available in a few minutes.
  5. Once access is granted, the emergency contact will be able to see all of the items in the Emergency section of their Password Boss account on the People who trust me tab.

Customizing emergency access

Multiple emergency contacts

Users can designate multiple emergency contacts. Each emergency contacts can be given separate access to different items.

Different access to items

When setting up an emergency contact, a Password Boss user can choose to give access to their entire account or to just selected items.

Customized waiting period

When an emergency contact is set up, the user creating the emergency access invitation decides whether or not to specify a waiting period. This waiting period must expire before the emergency contact can have access to data.


Follow these instructions to set up emergency access.

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