How Password Boss works in your desktop browser

The Password Boss app works with your browser with a browser button, also called a browser extension. There are 2 ways to access the browser button, from the toolbar next to the address bar, or from the fields on web pages.

Opening Password Boss from the toolbar.

When Password Boss browser button is installed in your browser you will see a green owl next to the address bar. Clicking the green owl will show you a list of your saved passwords.


Clicking the Menu button lets you access the rest of your stored items, the password generator and to logout of the app. 


Logging in to a website

On web pages you will see an owl in fields. Click the owl to bring up your saved passwords. Select your password and you will be logged in.



If there is not a saved password in Password Boss for the site you are on you will see a prompt to save a password.  The next time you visit the site you will see your saved password.

Filling forms on web sites

The automatic form fill feature is a great time saver when you need to fill in forms on websites. Click the owl in the fields and you can choose how to fill the form.  




Use Identities to fill in entire pages in one click. Here is an overview of Identities.


Any information you store in the Personal Info section of Password Boss can be used to fill in web forms.

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