Creating your account

It's easy to create your Password Boss account, just follow the instructions below. First, it's important to understand that to access your account requires knowing your Master Password. This is the only password that you'll need to remember, since Password Boss will remember all of your other passwords and secure items.

Guidelines for choosing a master password 

If you forget the master password for your Password Boss account there is no way to to reset the master password or recover your account. Choose a Master Password that you will not forget.

Your Master Password must include:

  1. 8+ characters
  2. At least one capital letter.
  3. At least one number. 
  4. At least one special character, such as !, $, %, or &.

For more ideas about how to create a good password that is hard to guess, see the section at the very bottom of this article.


You can change your Master Password at any time from Settings.

Create your account

You need to have the Password Boss app installed first before you can create an account.  If you need to download the app you can download the app from

  1. Open the application on your device and choose the option to Create an account.
  2. Enter your email address and a Master Password.
  3. Enter your Master Password again to confirm it.
  4. Follow any remaining screens, and that's it, you're done!

Password Boss will open to your account and you can start using the app. 

Installing Password Boss on your other devices

Once you install Password Boss on one device and create an account you can then connect other devices to your account so you can access your account from multiple devices.

On any device that you want to connect to your account, you will need to download the app on that device and then choose to Log in to your account. when adding a new device to your account you will need to verify ownership of your account as a security measure. The process is simple, from your new device login to your existing account. We will send you a verification code that you need to enter into the app on your new device.


Verification codes are good for 30 minutes after you request them. If more than 30 minutes passes from when you request the verification code to when you enter it, you will need to request a new verification code. 

Tips for choosing a good Master Password

Choose a Master Password that is easy to remember but hard for others to guess. Here are some ideas for choosing a good password.

Use a passphrase

The best tip for creating a strong and easy to remember password is to use a passphrase—a short sentence that’s distinctive, unique, yet easy to remember. Think of something that describes about your life—something that no one knows but you. A good passphrase is something that is particularly meaningful and memorable for you, such as “I went to college on September 3rd 2001.”, or a favorite movie line: “You are here there is nothing I fear.

Choose the first letter of every word in the passphrase

For example, you can pick the first letter from every word of the passphrase “I went to college on September 3rd 2001.” to create a strong and easy to remember password “IwtcoS3rd2001.

Substitute some numbers

Increase the strength of your passphrase by changing some letters to numbers, while keeping it easy to remember. For example, you can replace an "s” with a “5”, a “2”, or “3”, replace an “L” with a “7” or a “1”, or replace a “b” with a “6”.

Change some of the letters to symbols

To increase the strength of the passphrase further change some letters to some special symbols that will be easy to remember. For example, you can change an “I” to a “!”, change an “a” to a “@”, or change an “S” to a “$”, etc.

Example of how to create a strong password that’s easy to remember

Let's say you went to college on September 3rd, 2001, and you want to use this the significant experience to form the basis for your strong-yet-easy-to-remember password. Choose the first letter from every word in the phrase “I went to college on September 3rd 2001.”, ensuring that you include the upper and lower case, numbers, and keep symbols. That would produce a password of “IwtcoS3rd2010.” It’s 14 characters long and includes upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbol. It’s a strong password. Change the I to the symbol ! and the "S" to a "$" to make the password even stronger and harder to crack.

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