Managing your Master Password

Your Master Password is the key to all of the information in your Password Boss account. It is very important that you never forget your Master Password and that you never share it with anyone.

Changing your Master Password

Before you change your Master Password we recommend syncing all of your devices to make sure that all of your devices are up to date with any recent changes to your account.

How to change your Master Password.

Forgot your Master Password?

Password Boss does not store your password, and since we do not store your password we cannot reset it if your forget it. 

If you do forget your Master Password there are 2 options

  1. You can reset your account and start over.  This will delete all of the data you saved in the Password Boss app and let you start again.  Once your account is reset there is no way to recover any data - it is gone forever.  
  2. If you have changed your Master Password within the last 14 days we may be able to restore your account to your previous Master Password.  Any changes since you changed your Master Password will be lost.  This is also a permanent change - if you restore your account and cannot remember the previous Master Password you cannot change back to the current version of your account. 

How to reset your account and start over.

How to restore your account to your previous Master Password.

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