Tips for using tags to organize your saved items

Tags give you the ability to organize your passwords, digital notes and other items you store in Password Boss in any way that meets your needs. To get the greatest benefit from tags it is a good idea to spend a few minutes to create a plan for how you are going to use tags so you will be able to easily find your saved items. 

Use a naming convention

  1. When creating tags always use a standardized, case-sensitive naming convention
  2. Use special characters to group tags. For example when creating tags for client names, begin each tag with a  hash tag (#) like "#client1"
  3. Determine if you are going to use abbreviations or full names in your tags names. For example "marketing" or "mktg".

Create reusable tags

  1. Try to avoid creating too may similar tags.
  2. Use tags that allow you to group and find saved items. For example use tags with the name of the client or project the saved items are for.

Best practices

  1. Keep tags to two words or less. Tags with more than 2 words might needs to be split into two separate tags.
  2. If you use other applications with tags, try to reuse the tags between systems to avoid creating different tag lists.
  3. Print a list of your tags so that you can avoid making unnecessary tags.

Searching to find tagged items

Use the search box in Password Boss to search for items by tag name.  Any items that are tagged with your search terms will show in the search results.


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