Reinstalling Password Boss on Windows computers


If you need to reinstall Password Boss on your Windows computer the following items may apply to you.

By default Password Boss saves a secure copy of the data you save in your Password Boss account on our servers.  We cannot access this date since we do not know your Master Password, but this is the data that is needed if you reinstall Password Boss on your computer, or if you add Password Boss to a new device.

  1. If you have a free subscription to Password Boss online backups are disabled.
  2. If you turned off online backups for your Password Boss account this situation also applies to you.

This means if you uninstall Password Boss from your computer and choose to remove your personal information during the uninstall process, all of your saved data will be deleted when you uninstall.

Saving a copy of your personal data

To avoid having your personal data deleted you have two options:

  1. During the uninstall process on Windows you will see a prompt asking if you want to remove your personal information.  Choose NO.
  2. Before uninstalling Password Boss make a backup of all of your data so you can import the data back after reinstalling. Instructions for exporting and importing your Password Boss data.

After reinstalling Password Boss , if you did not remove your personal information during uninstall, you will see all of your previous saved items.

If you did remove your personal information you will now need to import your personal data back into your Password Boss account.  See the link above for instructions.

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