Enter your license key

If you received a license key when you purchased Password Boss you can add the license key to your account either in the PC or Mac client app, or from a web page from any device.


If you purchased your subscription through either the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, or directly from Password Boss, you will not receive a license key. Your subscription will automatically be updated at the time you make your purchase.

Activating your license key from the PC or Mac app after you have created your account

  1. Open the Password Boss app.
  2. From the Help menu choose Enter license key.
  3. The License Key screen will appear.  Enter your license key in the box and click Next and your license will be activated.
  4. When your license is activated it may take a few minutes before you see the license on you computer - this is normal.  To speed the process you can open the Tools menu and choose Backup now.

Activating your license key before you have created your account

You can activate your license before creating your account as well.  This can be done from any device.

  1. Open https://www.passwordboss.com/activate/ in your browser.
  2. Enter your email address and license key. This is the email address you will need to use when you create your Password Boss account.
  3. Click Activate.
  4. When your license is activated you will be taken to a page where you can download the Password Boss app.
  5. Install the app on your device and choose to Create a new account.
  6. Enter the email address that you activated your license key with and follow the remaining prompts.
  7. When your account opens you will see your license applied on your account.

If you have already created your account, but not yet applied your license key, you can use these steps from any device to apply your license key to your existing account too.

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