Requiring all users to change their Master Password

Policy Description

All users set their own Master Password when their account is created.  Each Master Password must meet the same complexity requirements to provide a base level of security.  You can further enhance the security of your team's accounts by requiring the team members to change their Master Password on a regular interval.


  • The default value is OFF
  • When this policy is ON, you need to set both the maximum password age as well as how frequently old passwords can be reused.

We recommend setting reasonable intervals for password changes. Requiring password changes too frequently will often result in team members writing passwords down so they do not forget them.  In many cases, changing a Master Password every 180 days is sufficient for most teams.


We recommend setting limits that accomplish your goals for team security.  Plan accordingly and set limits that meet your goals.


Enabling 2-Factor Authentication for your users will also increase the security of your team's account.


This policy is available to all accounts with a paid or trial business subscription. 

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