Importing Passwords to Password Boss from a CSV

What can be imported

You can import the following types of items into Password Boss using the CSV import tool:

  • Website passwords
  • Application passwords
  • Database passwords
  • Email accounts
  • Instant messenger accounts
  • Server passwords
  • SSH keys
  • WiFi passwords
  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Companies
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers. 
Creating a CSV file
Attached to the bottom of this article are links to download the templates for creating the CSV files for import.  One of the templates just contains website passwords and the other template contains all of the items that can be imported.
Getting started
  1. Download the file you need from the bottom of this article.
  2. Open the spreadsheet in Excel or another editor.
  3. Tab 1 of the spreadsheet contains the instructions.
  4. Each of the remaining tabs is for a particular type of item.  For example, website passwords are on a different tab than phone numbers.
Adding your data
  1. Add the data you want to import beginning on Row 2.
  2. There is sample data in row 2 that you can delete with the exception of the first column.  The value in the first column identifies the type of item you are importing.  Each tab uses a different value.  Make sure every item being imported has the correct value for Column A. Here are the values:
    Tab Name Column "A" value
    Website Passwords          Website
    Applications Application
    Database Database
    Email EmailAccount
    Instant Messenger    InstantMessenger
    Server Server
    SSH Keys SSHKey
    WiFi WiFi
    Names Names
    Addresses address
    Company company
    Email Addresses Email
    Phone Numbers PhoneNumber
  3.  Do not leave empty rows between items.

Creating a CSV file using Excel


Excel allows you to export one tab at a time when making CSV files.  If you have multiple tabs to export you will need to repeat the steps for each tab.

  1. Select the tab you want to create the CSV file from
  2. From the File menu choose Save as
  3. In the Save as options list choose CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv)
  4. Choose a location and a name for your file
Importing your CSV file
  1. Open Password Boss
  2. From the File menu choose Import passwords -> From File -> Password Boss CSV
  3. Choose the CSV file you just saved 
  4. Select Open
  5. Select Next
  6. Select all of the items you want to import 
  7. Select Import
  8. All of the imported items will be saved in a new folder named Generic Import - <mm/dd/yy -time>

During the import process, you have the option of deselecting some items from the import if you need to.



You can import passwords from other password managers as well. This article lists the supported password managers.


Download CSV Templates

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