Enabling the Password Boss Safari extension in iOS

Password Boss includes an additional option to allow you to fill in passwords and other data while you are using Safari on you iPhone or iPad.  The additional option is called a Safari Extension. Before using it you must enable the setting the first time.

Enabling the Safari extension

  1. Open Password Boss.
  2. Tap the More ios_more_button.png  button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Safari Extension.
  5. Tap Next - > Install 
  6. Tap the slider to enable Password Boss and then tap Done
  7. The Password Boss Safari extension is now enabled  

Logging into websites with the Password Boss Safari extension

After you have the Safari extension enabled you can start using Password Boss while you browse in Safari. 

The Password Boss safari extension fills in usernames and passwords, as well as all of your personal information like name, emails address or credit card details, making it easy to fill in forms even when using a mobile device.

Using Password Boss to fill forms in Safari.


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