Deploying Password Boss Business for your entire team

Installing the Windows app

Password Boss has an installer for Windows that can be run silently from another, elevated process. This allows rapid installation of the Password Boss app to team members.

The Password Boss installer can then be run remotely using an existing software deployment mechanism. This allows admins to install the Password Boss desktop application on the computers of multiple team members at once.

How do I download and run the installer?

  1. If you are a Password Boss Business admin and would like to use the installer, first download the installer. 
  2. The installer should be named Password_Boss.exe
  3. To run the installer silently on your local computer add the /q2 parameter when you execute the installer: Password_Boss.exe /q2. The installer automatically downloads the latest version of Password Boss from the Internet during the install process so your users are always installed with the current version.
  4. To deploy the Password Boss app to remote devices, invoke the installer with the silent option from your preferred software distribution solution.
  5. This will install Password Boss in the Program Files (x86) directory and will require new users to sign into their Password Boss accounts and setup their preferences.

Installing the Mac app

  1. Users should visit the Password Boss download page.
  2. The web page will automatically start downloading the installer. Open the file and double-click the Password Boss icon to start the installer.
  3. Follow the instructions to either create an account or login to an existing account.

Installing updates to the desktop apps

Both the Windows and the Mac apps have built-in update mechanisms that run in the background to automatically install software updates when they are released. Once the app is installed on your team's computers is should update itself to the current version automatically.


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