Portal accounts are different from Password Boss app accounts


When you create an account in the Password Boss app, this is the account and password used to store all of your passwords, digital notes and other items in the Password Boss app.

When you create your app account your Master Password is not sent to the Password Boss servers. Your Master Password is not saved or stored anywhere.

Your portal account is used to manage your app account. For example you can delete devices on your account. Password Boss Business administrators use their portal account to manage their business account.


We strongly encourage you to use different passwords for your app and portal passwords. Having different passwords adds an extra layer of security to your Password Boss account.

Password Boss app password

  • This is your Master Password.
  • Used to login to your Password Boss application.
  • Do not use this password for your portal account.
  • If you forget your Master Password it cannot be reset.

Portal password

  • Cannot be used to login to your Password Boss app.
  • Do not use your Master Password as your portal password.
  • If you forget your portal password it can be reset.
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