Changing your Master Password

Your Master Password is the key to all of the information in your Password Boss account. It is  important that you never forget your Master Password and that you never share it with anyone.

Prior to changing your Master Password

Before you change your Master Password we recommend that you make sure each of your devices is up to date with all of your recent changes.  When changing your Master Password if you have any changes that are not synchronized across all of your devices, those changes may be lost after you change your Master Password.

Using the Backup now function on each device will synchronize each device.  Backup one device at a time using the Backup Now option in the Settings section of the app. 

How to change your Master Password

  1. From the Password Boss app go to Settings -> Security -> Change Master Password
  2. Enter your existing Master Password.
  3. Enter a new Master Password and confirm it.
  4. Your Master Password has now been changed. Use the new Master Password when you login to the Password Boss app.

Your Master Password is not the same as your portal password. Learn more.

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