Exclude business items from emergency access

Policy Description

Password Boss for Business is designed with two storage locations for users – one for business items and one for personal items.  We recognize that users will save personal information and passwords in their Password Boss Business account, which is why we created the separate storage location for the personal items.

This policy is intended to work knowing that team members will be saving their personal information into their Password Boss Business Account. In some cases, team members will then be using the emergency feature in Password Boss to give someone else access to their Password Boss account.

Turning this policy on will keep any Business Profile items from being sent to emergency contacts.


Business items are any items that are stored in the Business profile in a user’s Password Boss account.


  • The default value is OFF.
  • When this policy is turned ON, emergency contacts for your team members will not receive any items from the Business profiles on in your user’s accounts.
  • If a team member has an existing emergency contact setup when this policy is enabled, any Business profile items will be removed from the emergency contact.
  • When this policy is OFF team members can select any items to include in an emergency access invitation.
  • Changing this policy from ON to OFF will make all items in all profiles available to be included in emergency access invitations. Any existing emergency access invitations that were set up to be "entire account" will be updated to now include the items from all profiles.


Each team should review this policy and determine if it is needed for their team or not.


This policy is available to all accounts with an Advanced or Trial subscription.

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