Adding users to your account

Any user with the administrator role can invite new team members to join your Password Boss team.

How to add new users to your team

  1. Login to the portal as an admin user on your team account.
  2. From the left menu click on Users.
  3. Click + Create New User.
  4. To add one user fill in the user details and click Add User.
  5. To add multiple users click the + Add multiple users link.
  6. Enter the email addresses for the users to add. You can paste in a list as well. Click Add users.
  7. You can add users to the Admin role and enter names as well.  Click Add users.
  8. Each user you add will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to download and install the Password Boss client app on their devices.
  9. As each user creates their account and logs into the Password Boss app you will see their account on the Users page of the portal.


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