Change a team members role

Roles in Password Boss determine what permissions a user account has within your team. There are two roles in Password Boss - User and Admin. All users are added to the User role when their account is created.  The user who creates your business account is also added to the Admin role.

Every business account needs to have at least one admin account who can manage your account.

Adding or removing a user with admin access

  1. Login to the portal with an admin account
  2. From the left menu choose Users
  3. Click the Edit button for the user you want to change
  4. Check or clear the Admin user check box
  5. Click Save
  6. When the user log in to the portal the next time they will have the new permission

Whenever a user is either added or removed from the admin role on your account an email will be sent to all admins on your account alerting them to the change.


If you need to notify any non-admin users when changes are made to your account you can enable the User change notifications security policy.

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