Backup all business profile items

Policy Description


This policy works best when used with the Force business items into business profile policy 

This policy creates a centralized backup of all items stored in the business profile on all users’ accounts. The policy serves many purposes including:

  • Making a backup of all business data
  • Preventing the loss of data when team members leave the team

Note: this policy does not backup any items stored in a user’s Personal profile


Accessing the backup data requires using the Password Boss Backup File Viewer application. This application can be downloaded from the Password Boss Portal, Backups tab.


  • The default value is OFF
  • When this policy is turned ON you will receive a private key that is used to access your backup data. Do not lose this key; it cannot be recovered if you lose it. Without this key you will not be able to access any backup data.  
  • When this policy is turned ON backups will be scheduled and will start soon.
  • Backup files will be available for download on the Backups tab of the portal.
  • Each device a user has will upload backup files.  
  • Backups are retained for 90 days. All backups older than 90 days are automatically deleted.
  • Each time you turn this policy on you will receive a new private key.
  • When this policy is OFF backups are disabled.
  • Changing this policy from ON to OFF immediately deletes and current backup files.


  1. We recommend enabling this policy for all businesses.
  2. Save your private key in Password Boss as a digital note.
  3. Anyone with the private key can access the backup data. Do not share the private key with anyone who absolutely does not need access to it.


This policy is available to all accounts with an Advanced or Trial subscription.

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