Sharing best practices

Use sharing - it is a great way for your team to collaborate

Sharing is one of the most powerful features in Password Boss and it gives you a secure way to collaborate with your team.

Use groups to share items

An administrator for your team can create groups of users for your team on the portal. For example Marketing, Finance, HR, etc. When users are added or removed from your team have the admin update the group membership on the portal.

When you create shares choose groups instead of individuals as recipients. When groups are used you will not need to edit the share when your team membership changes. As long as the users team members are added to the groups on the portal, they will automatically receive the shared data when they login to their Password Boss account

Limit your use of the Owner permission on shares

The Owner permission grants a recipient full control over that you share with them.  An owner can add/change/delete the item, change who the items is shared with, and even revoke your access to the item.  In most cases one or 2 recipients should be owners and the other recipients should have lower permissions.




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