Accessing the personal information in your Password Boss account

Accessing stored passwords, notes and wallet items

If you have the Password Boss app installed on your computer or mobile device then all of your passwords, notes, and other saved items are already in your device. If you are on a trial or paid Password Boss subscription you can install Password Boss on a new device to download all of your saved items. If you are on a free version of Password Boss your account does not include online backups of your data and you data is only available on your local device(s).

Accessing accounts and device information

To access information beyond the passwords and notes stored in your account, you can go to the portal website to see information like your name and email address for your account, devices connected to your account and the storage location (if any) for your online backups.

Accessing communications with Password Boss

If you have communicated wit the Password Boss technical support team, you can sign in to our customer service portal to get a record of your communication with us. If you're not able to sign in, use the forgot password link at that page - this won't affect your Password Boss app password in any way.

Privacy information and data access requests

If you would like to submit a data access request, please contact us at with the words "Data Access Request" in the subject body of your message.

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