Using custom fields

You can use custom fields to save additional fields to your items like security questions, PINS, or anything else.

Custom fields and auto-fill

Password Boss will auto-fill custom fields on websites.  This is useful when a website has an additional field beyond just a username and a password for logging in, like and ID, company name or member number.

If you are adding custom fields to be auto-filled you will need to save the custom fields with specific values in the Name field.  The value in the Name field is used to identify the field on the website.  When a custom field is added Password Boss will use the value in the Name field and search the website looking for matches using the following matching criteria:

  1. HTML form element’s name attribute.  The value is case-sensitive.
  2. The HTML form element’s id attribute - The value is case-sensitive.
  3. The HTML form element’s corresponding label value. The value is case-insensitive.
  4. The HTML form element’s placeholder value. The value is case-insensitive.

The value that you enter in the name field must be unique for the website.  If Password Boss finds multiple fields on the website with the same the field will not be filled.  Please use a unique identifier for the field.

Adding a custom field

  1. Open Password Boss
  2. Edit the item you want to add a custom field
  3. Click Add Custom Field
  4. Enter the Name, Value and Type.
  5. Click Save and the new custom field is saved. mceclip0.png


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