Disabling Password Boss on Websites

Disabling Overview

Password Boss works by scanning web pages looking for fields on the web pages to enter usernames, passwords, contact information, and payment details. There are some pages and sites that you may not want Password Boss to put the owls in the fields on.

When Password Boss is disabled on a page or a site you will no longer see the owls in the fields and Password Boss will not be able to fill in any data on these disabled pages.

The recommended way to disable Password Boss on sites is to disable all of the internal pages for a site, but leave the login page active so you can use Password Boss to login to the site.

Generally, this approach requires adding two entries in the disabled list. One entry will whitelist the login page and one entry will block the rest of the site.

Example of how to disable sites

The example below is how to disable Password Boss on all of the internal pages for QuickBooks site, but not on the login page so Password Boss can still log you into the site. This example shows the administrative portal for a business. You can also make the same setting from the Password Boss app in Settings->Disable List

Disable list entries can be added in either the app or the portal

If you add entries to the disable list in your local Password Boss app the entries will only work for your Password Boss user account. If all of the users at your company, or at your customer, need the same entries the recommended approach is to add the entries via the portal.



You can turn this setting on in the Password Boss app from Settings->Disable List as well. 

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